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5 tips on How to turn on a girl through text

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In this article i am going to explain some very useful tips on how to turn on a girl through text. Before i continue its very important to understand that
all girls are different so they will react differently to the same information. However there are some things which you can do which work well for the
majority of girls.

Tip Number 1- Make sure your spelling is correct and your grammer is good. This is so important and is often overlooked by many guys. Girls will instantly be turned off by bad
spelling and please avoid using abbreviations such as c u later and r u ok? This is not attractive and will work against you. Make sure you keep your
texts short, most guys try to have a conversation with a Women which is a big turn off.

Tip Number 2- To be great in knowing how to turn on a girl through text you must communicate well with your partner. This is the foundation for any sexual
relationship. It also helps in knowing exactly what turns on your girl. Not all girls like to be massaged for example. Its your duty as a man to find out
what pleases her.

Tip Number 3- Be very descriptive. By this i mean that you must really use words in a way which will trigger her imagination into overdrive. Instead of
texting “I would love to kiss your neck” you could try this, i would love to gently kiss and lick your soft skin starting out on your neck and then slowly
working my way down to your breasts etc..Im hoping you get the picture which is exactly what you should be doing, BUILDING a PICTURE in the girls mind.

Tip Number 4- The text messages that you send your friends are not the kind of messages you want to be sending to a girl you are attracted to. This has to
be the biggest mistake that guys make. You must create of feelings of excitement and anticipation when your texting. Remember that Women love a challenge
and not to be too nice as nice is boring.

So how do you do that?

One way is to tease her in a playful way. You have to remember that hot girls get hit on all the time by nice guys telling them how beautiful they are. You
have to turn the tables on her and not be boring like all the other guys are. This means you have to know something about her and play off that. It could
be her infectious laugh or the size of her handbag or a silly comment shes made. It could even be something embarassing that happened to her when you met

Tip Number 5- You must make sure your text messages involve the girl so that she has something to respond to. If a girl texts you ‘Hey! What did you do
last night?” and you text back “Went to the Movies” it leaves her with nothing, no emotion and no possible response. Instead you could of said
something like this; “Hey! I saw a movie yesterday and it got me thinking about you”. Now you have given her something to respond to and she might text
back with something like..”Really, Whats that?

You have to get the basics right before you can know how to turn on a girl through text. If you bore her, you will lose her quickly.

So there you have your 5 tips which you can use straight away which should help you with your texting. Remember your spelling and grammer, remember to
communicate well and be desriptive. Make sure you give her something to respond to and most importantly keep it playful and fun.

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